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Welcome to Be Healed Within.

Hello!  I am Geho Gold. The mission of Be Healed Within is my mission. My mission is really a Divine Mission to assist you on your path to enlightenment and ultimately to help bring Love Peace and Harmony to Mother Earth. 

My mission is to help you find your own Divine Soul - to assist you to connect deeply to your own true Divine Soul within yourself.  My goal is to assist you to speak to, sing with, dance with, and truly have a vision of your own Divine Soul.  To see the Divinity within yourself.  And to connect to the Divine Source which is all encompassing and unconditional love and oneness, the universal light that is eternal within you and beyond.

Why is this my mission and  my goal?  Because lets face it --- I have been with many masters -- and with only two truly, really enlightened masters in my life --- I have followed many many spiritual paths -- and it seems that this is what we are all trying to attain  - to return to our original soul - to connect to our Divine Soul and the all encompassing oneness of the Divine. That which is all encompassing unconditional love and forgiveness and oneness for all.

Have I seen and spoken to my own Divine Soul?  I believe I have.  Have I spoken to the Divine?  Yes I have. Have I spoken to the Saints and angels? Yes.  CAN YOU?? YES! YES! YES! YOU CAN! I believe you absolutely can!  Does it take practice? Yes.  Does it take commitment? Yes. Does it take certain practices? Yes.

The mission of Be Healed Within is to offer workshops, classes, webcasts, events, private consults, and services to assist you to bring unconditional love, peace and transformation for the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body through meditation, powerful stress reduction techniques, and other harmonizing practices. Through inner self love and compassion, and through sharing with you the practices and techniques that I have learned from my spiritual teachers, I will help you to find unconditional love and forgiveness for yourself and others, assist you to connect with the Divine and your Saints and Angels on a deeper level, and to come back home to your Divine Soul and the Divine within.

I truly believe the only way we can bring love peace and harmony and oneness to mother earth starts with ourselves.  When we unite fully with our own Divinity, we can then offer unconditional love to ourselves, to others and see the Divine oneness in all souls.

[email protected]  or 386-341-6260

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